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As one of the largest conferences of its kind, DataConnect Conference brings together a global community of industry leaders, technical experts, entrepreneurs, and academia while providing a platform for women to lead the conversations around the latests advancements and methodologies in data, analytics, and AI.

New Name. Same Conference, Same Content You Love!

Formerly known as Women in Analytics Conference, we've rebranded our annual event as DataConnect Conference to better reflect our mission to help attendees learn about all topics that touch on data – data science, analytics, data management and AI – while connecting with others in the global data community. Our new name represents our belief that the top-quality data and analytics content we provide can benefit everyone in the field.

While our speaker line-up is reserved exclusively for women, all other aspects of the conference are open to everyone.

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Who Should Attend

DataConnect has an international presence and brings together a wide range of industries, roles, backgrounds, and skills levels. Past attendees include analysts, data scientists, machine learning engineers, researchers, software developers/ engineers, students, entrepreneurs, and executives.

Individuals of all genders and technical skills levels are welcome!

What To Expect

Dive into two full days of top notch content delivered by women at the forefront of analytics, data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

With multiple tracks, we will cover a broad range of relevant topics to ensure that every attendee can create the optimal agenda tailored to their interests and experience level.

Join us LIVE in Columbus!

Take advantage of the opportunity to connect with industry thought leaders, data-driven professionals and academia face-to-face.

  • Enjoy a balance of both structured and organic networking opportunities
  • Build a foundation with recruiters, speakers, colleagues and other community members
  • Take advantage of in-person exclusive experiences -- Speaker Q&A, Industry Sessions, Networking Session, the After Party and more!
  • Explore Columbus! Our city is one of the quickest growing cities for technology and data-based business and has plenty to offer. Join us yourself to find out more!

Hosted by Women in Analytics

Our Mission

The mission of Women in Analytics is to provide visibility to the women making an impact in the analytics space and provide a platform for them to lead the conversations around the advancements of analytical research, development, and application.

Our Story

WIA was founded in 2016 with the goal of supporting women in the analytics space and has grown into a global community focused on bringing visibility to women in the field while delivering top-notch analytics content.

The inaugural conference was hosted in Columbus, OH and hosted an audience of less than 150 individuals. Topics ranged from the skills necessary to successfully contribute and lead to the necessity of technical experience, the power of multiple perspectives, and the significance of research and discovery to conversations around understanding where women currently thrive, where they are underrepresented and how we can support an increase in diversity while generating awareness and support.


Over the years, our conference has been rated:


In addition to sharing our mission with a larger audience, we have successfully provided over seventy women with opportunities to share their analytics knowledge, sponsored sixty students and fly-ins to attend one of our conferences free of charge, and donated our conference proceeds to a number of incredible organizations.

Get Involved

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5 Sold Out Conferences
250+ Presenters
4200+ Attendees
65+ Scholarship Attendees

Presenter Experience

We focus on providing growth opportunities for women and gender minorities in analytics, data science, machine learning, AI, and other related fields by:
  • Increasing visibility to individuals making an impact in the space,
  • Providing our conference as platform for them to lead the conversation, and
  • Supporting their success in communicating their expertise and experiences in their craft through efficient communication, networking and speaker coaching opportunities.
What do previous speakers say about their experience at the DataConnect Conference?

"As a first time speaker, this was a great experience from start to finish. The coaching group helped me prepare and refine my ideas. I thought both the coaches and speakers were fantastic resources to bounce ideas off of and get constructive feedback from. An unforeseen bonus to the coaching group was having a few supportive faces in the crowd when it came time to present. Given all the preparation that went into it, I also really appreciated that the conference organizers shared the stage space across the board - for example it was motivating to see people in my coaching group take the same main stage as the keynote speakers."

- Speaker, 2023 Conference

"Speaking at the conference and being told by attendees that they enjoyed my talk helped me find my voice and feel confident that I have ideas to share in this space."

- Speaker, 2019 Conference

"The prep for this conference forced me to think about why others might care about my topic and create a talk that would have broad appeal. That ideas carries forward into my day-to-day work as I encourage my team to make their communications understandable and relevant to their intended audience."

- Speaker, 2018 Conference

"I met a lot of women who have walked similar paths in life to where I am currently, and connecting and hearing about their journeys provided me with invaluable information and confidence about myself. I think in the future, if I were to pursue a career move, the connections I made at DataConnect would play a big part in that success!"

- Speaker, 2023 Conference

"I met many women in completely different fields, trying to solve very similar problems. This has increased my exposure to the specifics of various industries while reinforcing my belief that there is a great deal of value in sharing knowledge across them. In addition, I have been able to introduce one of the people I met at WIA to a colleague who was looking for a contact in a particular field, and I love making connections like that where both benefit."

- Speaker, 2019 Conference

"The sense of community and welcoming atmosphere made connecting with the audience very easy. Everyone that I had a chance to meet and work with were kind and helpful. Also, the positive feedback that I received and the questions from the group really solidified some internal ideas I have moving forward for the company - really great to get validation and also get a sense of where BI professionals find pain points and successes."

- Speaker, 2023 Conference

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