About DCCWest

Join us in Portland for the inaugural DCCWest for a day of talks from industry leaders and technical experts on emerging trends in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

What to expect:

  • Hear from industry experts with presentations and panels on AI/ML solutions that take both technology and the people into consideration, and relate the importance of this coexistence in order for business and society to thrive.
  • Stop by the Analytics Showcase during networking hour to learn how companies are utilizing and innovating with analytics!
  • Join us for a Social Hour to conclude the day. Discuss your favorite talks with fellow analytics enthusiasts while enjoying great food, drinks, and conversation.
Keynotes & Featured Speakers

Haniyeh Mahmoudian, Ph.D

Global AI Ethicist

Marta Stelmaszak Rosa

Daimler Truck Professor of Analytics
Portland State University - School of Business
Theme - HumAn Intelligence: A World of Coexistence

Knowingly or unknowingly, we are exposed to AI on a daily basis - products are constantly recommended to us, our voice assistant selects the perfect song to play next, our next favorite show feels nearly hand-selected. AI’s co-existence has slowly crept into our lives and become harmonious with our everyday actions.

As such, today's organizations cannot afford to not be on an AI journey. While each company may be at a different phase, everyone can recognize that this technology is the future and its investment is crucial for long term sustainability.

To be successful, however, we must take the people into consideration along with the technology. As technology evolves, people must continuously learn, grow and adapt to coexist in a world of automation, prediction and simulation to improve our lives, organizations and the world around us.

The coexistence of human and AI is the next frontier of our technology revolution. Now how can we get there together? Join us to learn more about how experts in the field are broaching this question at DCCWest!


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A One-of-a-Kind Experience

Join us as DCC goes west!
AI’s co-existence has slowly crept into our lives and has now become harmonious to everyday actions. Organizations today cannot afford to not be on an AI journey. While each company may be at a different phase, everyone has recognized that this technology is the future and investment is absolute for long term sustainability.

Who Should Attend?

DataConnect has an international presence and brings together a wide range of industries, roles, backgrounds, and skills levels. Past attendees include analysts, data scientists, machine learning engineers, software developers/engineers, researchers, students, entrepreneurs, and executives.

Individuals of all genders and technical skills levels are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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The event venue is located just 10 miles from the Portland International Airport (PDX) and is close by many great restaurants, shops and Portland sights. The "Silicon Forest" is consistency ranked as a top city for tech jobs. Join us and find out why for yourself!

Conference Venue

Daimler Truck North America HQ
4555 N Channel Ave, Portland, OR 97217


Nearby Accomodations

Residence Inn Portland Downtown/Pearl District
1150 NW 9th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

‍Located just 3 miles from the venue and 9.5 miles from the Portland International Airport.

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Both surface & garage parking are free and provided on premise.

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