While data analysis tools are maturing at a rapid pace, data acquisition, especially from front-line workers in environments like maritime and agriculture is lacking. You can’t analyze what you don’t have!In this session, you’ll learn how we have used data collection technology specifically designed for front-line environments to solve problems in commercial fishing and research. Using examples from successful projects in the US, Latin America and Australia, you’ll learn how meaningful data collection can be done in harsh environments where workers are doing mission-critical tasks and often lack basic connectivity. At sea, little time can be spent navigating computer interfaces and learning data collection techniques. Instead, we’ve deployed workflow-driven interfaces that align with real-world events onboard a vessel. Rather than requiring precision data input, our workflows must be easy to use, highly reliable, and have the ability to integrate across other technologies in the wheelhouse.


July 11, 2024

3:20 pm


3:55 pm

Union AB

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Data Engineering & Management




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Data Collection
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Data Management


Bri Snell
Data Collection Solutions Analyst
Real Time Data


Firstly, I am an outdoor enthusiast; I run, cycle, hike, and spend most of my spare time on or in the water. I am also developer and a data collection solutions analyst for a software company in the maritime/commercial fisheries space. I've been around the water my whole life. I grew up in a coastal community where some of my first jobs were centered around the maritime industry -- even lived on my sailboat! After deciding to head down the tech pathway, I earned my BS in Software Development and found myself working for a (then) early stage company building data collection tools for the commercial fishing industry. I now lead the implementation of a workflow-driven approach to deploying data collection solutions for fisheries across the globe. I'm proud to be representing women in two underrepresented industries - tech and maritime. I am passionate about building technology that can help enable a sustainable future for our oceans.