There has been a lot of coverage of the potential cyberthreats around generative AI. The challenge is separating the hype from reality and trying to figure out what to do with the information. Should you aim to protect against it all? Prioritize risks based on your business objectives? And how do you know which threats to worry about today vs. in the future?   This session will evaluate the three types of generative AI threats that you should be concerned with now. Understand the main categories of attacks: Social Engineering/Fraud; Multi Application; and Hijacking. Attendees will hear tactics for detecting and protecting their organization. They will learn how each threat is most likely to evolve over the next few years based on what we already know about the technology and trends in cybercriminal activity. The speaker will even review recent research on the cybercriminal underground to share insights on criminal GPT services.   Finally, the session will conclude with an overview of how this influential tech is also being used to help defend against cybercriminals. Together we will consider generative AI’s role in accelerating security effectiveness and efficiency; how it is eliminating the administrative burden; GPT-enabled breach and attack simulations; And improving remediation and response.   Attendees will understand how to separate the hype from reality with regards to Generative AI threats. Hear anticipated evolutions for phishing defenders & adversaries. Also learn how LLMs can be used to bolster defenses, identify vulnerabilities and inform a patching strategy.


July 12, 2024

10:00 am


10:35 am

Union AB

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Threat Analysis
Threat Analysis


Shannon Murphy
Global Growth Strategy, Emerging Technologies
Trend Micro


Shannon Murphy has nearly a decade in cybersecurity and technology experience in the role of security in business and the workforce of the future. A subject matter expert in emerging SOC solutions including XDR, attack surface management and Zero Trust implementations, she is at the forefront of innovations that help us stay ahead of evolving threats. But Shannon doesn't just focus on technical solutions – she is a security champion for business leaders, helping them demonstrate the business value of a strong cybersecurity posture and culture that puts security first. As a growth strategist, she also works with customers to develop scalable solutions that can address unique threat models. Join Shannon as she shares her insights on creating a more secure and resilient future.