Data value refers to the value of data to the organization.  Some methods to assess data's value include looking at the benefits to the organization's revenue from higher quality decisions based on better quality data, assessing the replacement cost, determining the amount of money spent on maintaining data and remediating data-related risks, quantifying the impact if the organization had no data, estimating the amount that data would contribute to the value of the organization in an acquisition, etc.  Data Valuation strategies can be used to seek opportunities to monetize data or improve data-related decision making within the organization (e.g., justifying appropriate investment in Data Governance).

This presentation outlines strategies for evaluating and quantifying the monetary value of an organization's data assets.  The talk explores essential methodologies and best practices for conducting a comprehensive data valuation assessment, addressing key components such as timeliness and data quality.  By the end of the presentation, attendees will be equipped with the frameworks necessary to better understand the hidden value of their data assets.


July 12, 2024

8:40 am


9:15 am

Union CDE

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Nicole Janeway Bills
Founder & CEO
Data Strategy Professionals


Nicole has three years of experience providing training for data-related exams. She offers a proven track record of applying Data Strategy and related disciplines to solve clients’ most pressing challenges. She has worked as a Data Scientist and Project Manager for federal and commercial consulting teams, writing 35+ Medium articles along the way. Her business experience includes natural language processing, cloud computing, statistical testing, pricing analysis, ETL processes, and web and application development. She attained recognition from DAMA for a Master Level pass of the CDMP Fundamentals Exam.