Embarking on the AI journey involves traversing the triad of Adoption, Integration, and Alignment, each presenting its own distinct challenges. Adoption necessitates a cultural shift and skill development, while Integration demands seamless tech assimilation and adept people management. Alignment, the ultimate goal, requires orchestrating systems towards a unified impact. The annual DataConnect Conference Main Panel will explore strategic insights and solutions for organizations navigating these pivotal phases, empowering them to embrace AI transformation with confidence and clarity.


July 11, 2024

1:00 pm


1:50 pm

Nationwide Room (Regency Ballroom)

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Rehgan Blelie
Co-Founder & CEO


Rehgan Blelie is the Co-Founder and CEO of AlignAI, an AI Adoption and Governance Platform that is helping enterprises get value out of AI quickly and safely. With a decade of experience in this space, she has worked with highly regulated companies to design and architect data and AI solutions. As an industry leader, she has keynoted and spoken at over 50 conferences and several top podcasts discussing the challenges of the organizational changes needed to maximize the value of artificial intelligence. 

In addition to her role at AlignAI, Rehgan is also the Founder of Women in Analytics, a global organization aimed at elevating diverse voices, fostering collaboration, and building a strong community in data, analytics, and AI. This community has over 7000 members and hosts a global conference that has put over 250 women on the stage.

Olivia Gambelin
AI Ethicist
Ethical Intelligence


Olivia is an AI Ethicist who specializes in utilizing ethics-by-design to drive AI innovation, and a Responsible AI strategist who works with disruptive leaders to redefine success in emerging technologies. She has advised various organizations from Fortune 500 to Series A startups across the healthcare, financial, and media sectors in utilizing ethics as a decision-making tool for success in artificial intelligence.

Olivia is the founder and CEO of Ethical Intelligence, an AI Ethics advisory firm providing Ethics-as-a-Service through the world’s largest network of Responsible AI practitioners. She is the author of the upcoming book "Responsible AI: Implement an Ethical Approach in Your Organization" with Kogan Page Publishing.

Jana Eggers
Nara Logics