An inclusive global event featuring the latest in Data, Analytics and AI. For everyone.

The annual DataConnect Conference brings together industry leaders, technical experts and entrepreneurs to discuss the latest trends, advancements, technologies, and innovations in data, analytics, machine learning, and AI.

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Upcoming Conferences

DataConnect Conference has an international presence and brings together a wide range of industries, roles, backgrounds, and skills levels. Past attendees include analysts, data scientists, machine learning engineers, software developers/engineers, researchers, students, entrepreneurs, and executives.Individuals of all genders and technical skills levels are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Dive into two full days of top-notch content delivered by presenters at the forefront of analytics, data science, machine learning and AI. With multiple tracks, DataConnect will cover a broad range of relevant topics to ensure that every attendee can create the optimal agenda tailored to their interests and experience level.
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In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) stands at the forefront of innovation, poised to transform every facet of our lives. The conference theme, "The AI Revolution: The Next Generation Ally?" captures the essence of this transformative era.
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Learn. Collaborate. Connect.

Learn from high-quality content delivered by thought leaders through keynotes, presentations, engaging panel discussions, and expert-led workshops.

Collaborate with peers and network with experts.

Connect with the global data community with non-stop networking opportunities.

Conference Activities & Enhancements

While every second of the conference is an opportunity to network, these events, activities, and networking breaks are specifically tailored to optimize your experience of connecting with fellow attendees and meeting new contacts!

Recruitment Session

Connect with companies looking for talent in analytics and data science. A must-attend for recent graduates and those looking to break into the field.

Start Up Showcase

We're inviting tech start ups to pitch their company live to a group of VCs! Attendees will have the opportunity to interact and connect with founders in a structured networking session.

Data Viz Gallery

Always an attendee favorite! The Top 5 finalists are selected via online voting - then it's up to YOU to decide the winners of the 2024 Data Viz Competition live.

Expo Hall/Industry Sessions

Visit and connect with sponsoring companies in the expo hall, as well as hear presented content directly from our Industry Session & Demo Sponsors.

Neural Networking Lounge

Open throughout the conference, our spacious lounge is a comfortable and quiet spot to grab a coffee, host a quick meeting, take a call, or network with other attendees.

Ask An Expert Sessions

Need advice on a particular problem or project? Book some time to meet one-on-one with one of our experts during the conference.

Attendee FAQs

Introducing the WIA SPeaker's Bureau

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Whether you're planning a conference, workshop, or corporate event, the WIA Speaker's Bureau connects you with industry leaders who can provide valuable insights, cutting-edge knowledge, and inspiring presentations tailored to your audience. Our speakers are seasoned experts who can engage and educate on the latest trends, tools, and best practices in data and analytics. Our Speaker’s Bureau features top-tier professionals who have demonstrated exceptional expertise and thought leadership across a broad spectrum of domains, including: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Solutions, Data Analytics, Data Leadership and Strategy, Data Science, Generative AI (GenAI), Programming, and more!

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